Baird Scholar

We created the Baird Scholar program to recognize, reward and retain exceptional analysts and associates who desire to pursue their MBAs and return to Baird after completing their programs. When eligible associates enroll in an approved MBA program, Baird will pay for 100% of their tuition and reimburse them for purchases of books used in their MBA studies.

A qualifying candidate must:
  • Be an exceptional performer
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to pursuing a career in Investment Banking at Baird
The typical Baird Scholar candidate will:
  • Excel as a first-, second- and third-year analyst
  • Earn promotion to associate at the end of the third year
  • Continue to excel as an associate
  • Enroll in an approved MBA school
  • Return to Baird during the summer between their first and second year of MBA studies (possibly in a different office or department)
  • Return to Baird as an associate, with no loss of credit for prior associate experience