Financial Sponsor Transactions


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Universal Fiber Systems   October 2015
Universal Fiber Systems sale to H.I.G. Capital
Undisclosed Value


 Truck Bodies  

October 2015
Truck Bodies and Equipment International, Inc. sale to GenNx360 Capital Partners
Undisclosed Value

 Theorem Clinical Research Holdings Inc.   September 2015
Theorem Clinical Research Holdings Inc. Sale to Chiltern International Inc.
Undisclosed Value
 Valet Waste Holdings, Inc.   September 2015
Valet Waste Holdings, Inc. Sale to Ares Management, L.P. and Harvest Partners, LP
Undisclosed Value

August 2015
Learner’s Digest International sale to Wolters Kluwer


April 2015
Implus Corporation Sale to Berkshire Partners LLC
Undisclosed Value



Boyd Corporation  

April 2015
Boyd Corporation sale to Genstar Capital
Undisclosed Value




March 2015
Bendon, Inc. Sale to Irving Place Capital
Undisclosed Value



 Phillips & Temro Industries  

March 2015
Phillips & Temro Industries sale to Harbour Group
Undisclosed Value

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December 2014
Battenfeld Technologies, Inc. Sale to Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation
Undisclosed Value



 Grakon Holdings LLC  

November 2014
Grakon Holdings LLC sale to Industrial Growth Partners
Undisclosed Value




October 2014
Hollander Sleep Products sale to Sentinel Capital Partners
Undisclosed Value



Access Information Management  

October 2014
Access Information Management sale to Berkshire Partners LLC
Undisclosed Value



 Atwood Mobile Products  

October 2014
Atwood Mobile Products LLC Sale to Dometic Group AB
Undisclosed Value



 Sequoia Golf  

September 2014
Sequoia Golf Group sale to ClubCorp Holdings
Undisclosed Value




August 2014
Document Technologies Holdings, LLC Recapitalization by OMERS Private Equity Inc.
Undisclosed Value



 Smith System Driver Improvement Institute, Inc.  

June 2014
Smith System Driver Improvement Institute, Inc. sale to Levine Leichtman Capital Partners
Undisclosed Value



 FeraDyne Outdoor LLC  

April 2014
FeraDyne Outdoors a Portfolio Company of Kamylon Capital Sale to Snow Phipps Group
Undisclosed Value

Luminator Technology Group, LLC   April 2014
Luminator Technology Group, LLC Sale to Audax Group, Inc.
Undisclosed Value
Igloo    March 2014
Igloo Products Corp. A Portfolio Company of J.H. Whitney & Co. Sale to ACON Investments
Undisclosed Value
Stream Global Services    March 2014
Stream Global Services Sale to Convergys Corporation
Undisclosed Value
 OnCourse Learning   March 2014
OnCourse Learning Sale to CIP Capital
Undisclosed Value
    February 2014
Hy-Bon Engineering Company, Inc. Sale to Regal Beloit Corporation
Undisclosed Value
 Maxxam   January 2014
Maxxam Analytics International Corporation Sale to Bureau Veritas SA
 Keystone   January 2014
Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc. Sale to LKQ Corporation

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2013 icon: toggle

 REGO   December 2013
Engineered Controls International, LLC Sale to Windjammer Capital Investors and CITIC Capital Partners
Undisclosed  Value
    November 2013
Allen Edmonds a Portfolio Company of Goldner Hawn Johnson & Morrison Sale to Brentwood Associates
Undisclosed Value
 Porex   November 2013
Porex Corporation Sale to Filtration Group Corporation
Undisclosed Value
 OmniSys   November 2013
OmniSYS, LLC Sale to Moelis Capital Partners 
Undisclosed Value
 Bushnell Group Holdings   November 2013
Bushnell Group Holdings, Inc. A Portfolio Company of MidOcean Partners Sale to ATK 
Graphic Packaging   October 2013
Graphic Packaging Holding Company Sale of its Flexible Plastics and Film Business to Berry Plastics Group, Inc.
Undisclosed Value
 Fitness Connection    September 2013
Fitness Connection Sale to LNK Partners
Undisclosed Value
 SoftWriters   September 2013
SoftWriters Group, LLC Sale to TA Associates
Undisclosed Value
 eScan   September 2013
eScan Data Systems, Inc. Sale to TransUnion Healthcare
Undisclosed Value
 Nordco   August 2013
Nordco Inc. Sale to Greenbriar Equity Group LLC
Undisclosed Value
 Corepower Yoga   June 2013
Catterton Partners Equity Investment in CorePower Yoga, LLC
Undisclosed Value
 Keys Packaging Group   June 2013
Keyes Packaging Group, Inc. Sale to Arbor Private Investment Company
Undisclosed Value
 cincinnati fan   June 2013
Cincinnati Fan & Ventilator Company, Inc. Sale to Dominus Capital, L.P. 
Undisclosed Value
 Motion   March 2013
Motion Recruitment Partners Sale to Gridiron Capital
Undisclosed Value
 Mold Masters   February 2013
Mold-Masters Limited Sale to Milacron LLC
$950,000, 000
 CoreLab   January 2013
CoreLab Partners, Inc. Sale to JLL Partners, Inc.
Undisclosed Value
 Young Innovations   January 2013
Young Innovations, Inc. Sale to Linden Capital Partners
Undisclosed Value

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2012 icon: toggle

 DHS   December 2012
DHS Technologies LLC Recapitalization by Kanders & Company, Inc.
Undisclosed  Value
 Brady   December 2012
Brady Corporation Acquisition of Precision
Dynamics Corporation
Undisclosed  Value
Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan    December 2012
Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Acquisition of Plano Molding Company, Inc.
Undisclosed Value
 CleaverBrooks   December 2012
Cleaver-Brooks, Inc. Sale to Harbour Group
Undisclosed  Value
LNK Partners    December 2012
LNK Partners Minority Growth Capital Investment in Beachbody, LLC
Undisclosed  Value
 Miller Heiman Inc.   November 2012
Miller Heiman, Inc. Sale to Providence Equity Partners LLC
Undisclosed  Value
 Insight Global   November 2012
Insight Global, Inc. Significant Investment by Ares Management LLC 
Undisclosed Value
 GCA Services Group, Inc.   November 2012
GCA Services Group, Inc. Sale to Blackstone Capital Partners 
Undisclosed  Value
 Restoration Hardware Holdings, Inc.   November 2012
Restoration Hardware Holdings, Inc. Initial Public Offering 
 Peter Millar   October 2012
Peter Millar LLC Sale to Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA 
Undisclosed Value
 United Central   October 2012
United Central Industrial Supply Company LLC Acquisition of GHX Holdings, LLC
Undisclosed Value
 NES Global Talent   October 2012
NES Global Talent Sale to AEA Investors LP 
£234, 000, 000
 FCX Perfornamce   October 2012
FCX Performance, Inc. Sale to Harvest Partners
Undisclosed  Value
Berry Plastics Group    October 2012
Berry Plastics Group, Inc. Initial Public Offering 
    September 2012
Interplast Packaging, Inc. Sale to Pactiv LLC 
Undisclosed  Value
 Synventive   August 2012
Synventive Molding Solutions, Inc. Sale to Barnes Group Inc.
Undisclosed Value
 Focus Products Group   July 2012
Focus Products Group, LLC Sale to Centre Lane Partners, LLC
Undisclosed Value
 LIT Boyd   July 2012
LTI Boyd Sale to Snow Phipps Group
Undisclosed Value
 Qundis   June 2012
Qundis Management GmbH Sale to HgCapital
Undisclosed Value
 Filson   May 2012
Filson Holdings, Inc. Sale to Bedrock Manufacturing Co.
Undisclosed Value
 HD Supply   April 2012
HD Supply, Inc. Senior Secured Notes Offering
 HD Supply
  March 2012
HD Supply Industrial PVF Sale to Shale-Inland Holdings LLC
 Investcorp   March 2012
Investcorp Acquisition of GL Education Group
Undisclosed Value
 Allison Transmission Holdings, Inc.   March 2012
Allison Transmission Holdings, Inc. Initial Public Offering
 Quality Solutions, Inc.   February 2012
Quality Solutions, Inc. Recapitalization by
Gridiron Capital, LLC
Undisclosed Value
    February 2012
Milwaukee Gear Company Sale to
Regal Beloit Corporation
Undisclosed Value
Roundy's    February 2012
Roundy’s Inc. Initial Public Offering
Value: $187.5 Million
 Reynolds Packaging LLC   February 2012
Reynolds Packaging LLC Sale of Louisville Laminating business 
Undisclosed Value
Brooks Instrument, LLC   January 2012
Brooks Instrument, LLC Sale to Illinois Tool Works Inc.
Undisclosed Value

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2011 icon: toggle

 Hoffmaster Group   December 2011
Hoffmaster Group, Inc. Sale to
Metalmark Capital, LLC
Undisclosed Value
 Glover Park Group   December 2011
The Glover Park Group Sale to WPP plc 
Undisclosed Value
 DTI   December 2011
Document Technologies, Inc. Sale to Harvest Partners L.P.
Undisclosed Value
 Telmar   December 2011
Telmar Network Technology, Inc. Sale to Jabil
Circuit Inc.
Undisclosed Value
OneSource    November 2011
OneSource Distributors, LLC Sale to Sonepar USA
Undisclosed Value
 BarrierSafe Solutions   November 2011
BarrierSafe Solutions International, Inc. Sale to
Odyssey Investment Partners
Undisclosed Value
Avison Young    October 2011
Avison Young Growth Capital Investment by
Tricor Pacific Capital, Inc.
Undisclosed Value
 Implus   October 2011
Implus Corporation Sale from AEA Investors to
Trilantic Capital Partners
Undisclosed Value
Riverside    October 2011
EM Test Group Sale to AMETEK, Inc.
Undisclosed Value
 SunSource Holdings, Inc.   October 2011
SunSource Holdings, Inc. Sale to
Littlejohn & Co., LLC
Undisclosed Value
 Worldstrides   October 2011
WorldStrides, LLC Sale of Majority Interest to
The Carlyle Group
Undisclosed Value
 Access CIG   September 2011
Access CIG, LLC Equity Investment by
Summit Partners
Undisclosed  Value
 Woods   September 2011
Wood Equipment Company, A portfolio company of
Genstar Capital, Sale to Blount International, Inc.
    August 2011
Remedi SeniorCare 
 CamelBak Products   August 2011
CamelBak Products, LLC Sale from Irving Place Capital to Compass Diversified Holdings
    August 2011
U.S. Security Associates Holdings, Inc. Sale to
GS Capital Partners 
Undisclosed Value
    August 2011
Boyd Corporation Sale to LTI Flexible Products
Undisclosed Value
    August 2011
Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc.
 Vanguard Health Systems   July 2011
Vanguard Health Systems, Inc.
MPV   July 2011
Medical Present Value, Inc. Sale to Experian plc
Undisclosed Value
 equitrac   June 2011
Equitrac Corporation Sale to Nuance Communications
 MW   June 2011
MW Industries, Inc. Sale to Genstar Capital
Undisclosed Value
 Weasler   June 2011
Weasler Engineering, Inc. Sale to Actuant Corporation
 Protocol Global Solutions   May 2011
Protocol Global Solutions Sale to NCO Group
Undisclosed Value

April 2011

TruGreen LandCare, L.L.C. A subsidiary of The ServiceMaster Company

Undisclosed Value




Crosman Corporation   April 2011
Crosman Corporation Sale from Pamlico Capital to Wellspring Capital Management
Undisclosed Value
Ryan Herco Flow Solutions   April 2011
Ryan Herco Flow Solutions Sale to Greenbriar
Equity Group LLC
Undisclosed Value



April 2011

Summit Energy A Portfolio Company of
Weston Presidio

Elster Group SE   April 2011
Elster Group SE
CareFusion   March 2011
OnSite Services a division of CareFusion
Undisclosed Value
Southern Pharmacy Services   February 2011
Southern Pharmacy Services Sale to Guardian Pharmacy
Undisclosed Value
Phoenix Equity Partners   February 2011
Phoenix Equity Partners
Undisclosed Value
NeuroTherm   February 2011
NeuroTherm, Inc.
Undisclosed Value



January 2011

Velosi Limited

Undisclosed Value



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