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As your financial partner, Baird wants to ensure you have the access you need to make informed decisions and feel comfortable about your future. The information below can help you access your Baird account, get up-to-the-minute market information, contact a Baird representative and more.


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Form processing and historical documentation requests should be addressed to:

Robert W. Baird & Co.
P.O. Box 672
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Locate the Baird office nearest you.

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To report a lost or stolen debit card, request concierge services, inquire about award points and more, contact a Cash Management Service Representative toll-free at 800-382-4369 (610-382-8227 outside the United States).

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Baird’s Cash Management program offers a robust awards points program that rewards you for spending and saving. You may redeem points by:

  1. Logging in to your Baird Online account, selecting “Account Information” and then the “Awards” link. Clicking on any linked account will take you to our online award website.

  2. Calling 888-792-7526, Option 3 (from 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. CT, seven days/week).

    NOTE: Anyone with access to your Baird OnLine account will have the ability to redeem earned points. Neither Baird nor ALG
    assumes any responsibility for any redemption of points with respect to your account and does not verify the identity of the person redeeming points for your account. To prevent unauthorized redemptions, it is important for you to protect your Baird Online access information.

Learn more about our Cash Management program, or your Cash Management Awards points.

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For stock quotes, news, market updates and more, check out Baird’s market and investment tools.

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