Global Consumer, Technology & Services

Baird Experts Offer Insights on Consumer, Tech and Service Trends

In conjunction with Baird’s 2017 Global Consumer, Technology & Services Conference, Baird experts from across our integrated Consumer and Technology Services platforms provided timely insights on these fast-changing sectors.



Headwinds for Hotels

Michael Bellisario, Hotel REITs and C-Corps Senior Research Analyst, discusses how the broader economic recovery is impacting the hotel sector, as well as how hotel companies are responding to headwinds such as the current administration’s restrictions on travel and a stronger U.S. dollar


When Uniforms Inform

Senior Facility and Industrial Services Analyst Andy Wittmann shares his thoughts about what uniform rentals reveal about employment data and economic growth.

Online Shopping

Investment Banker Maria Watts offers perspective on how some retailers are evolving to meet consumers’ online shopping preferences and hold their own against e-commerce giants.


In Data We Trust

Baird Capital’s John DiGiovanni and Andrew Ferguson explain how the UK economy is poised for massive growth opportunity fueled by information explosion.