SpencerPatrick_f1_72_web.jpg Topic:    Equities ‘the only place in to be’ in higher-inflation environment, strategist says: Patrick Spencer - CNBC: May 12, 20214
Date:   May 12, 2021
Spokesperson:   Patrick Spencer
Network:   CNBC
Equities ‘the only place in to be’ in higher-inflation environment, strategist says: Patrick Spencer - CNBC: May 12, 20214Market Recap: Wednesday, May 12: Ross Mayfield: Yahoo! Finance Live: May 12, 2021Why one analyst is cautious about Apple stock despite blowout earnings: Will Power - CNBC Squawk Box: April 29, 2021It’s too early to change investment strategy based on Biden’s policies: Jason Trennert - CNBC: April 29, 2021Apple’s Second-Quarter Results: What to Watch for: Will Power - Bloomberg Surveillance: April 28, 20213Ben Kallo on Bloomberg Businessweek discusses Tesla earning. Segment runs from 20:24-26:18: April 27, 20214Housing is 'an incredibly powerful story' in the stock market: Michael Antonelli - Yahoo! Finance Live: April 12, 2021Weekly First-Time Unemployment Claims Jump to 744,000, Worse Than Expected: Ross Mayfield – Cheddar: April 8, 2021Why FAANG and growth stocks don’t need to be completely abandoned: Michael Antonelli - Yahoo! Finance Live: March 15, 2021Market Recap: Friday, March 12: Ross Mayfield - Yahoo! Finance Live: March 12, 2021Baird’s Rich Lee Discusses ETF Mechanics: Rich Lee - EFT Prime Podcast: March 9, 2021Bitcoin basics and more with Baird’s Michael Antonelli│Ep. 50: Michael Antonelli - BizTimes MKE Podcast: March 8, 2021The rotation into value stocks has room to run, says strategist: Ross Mayfield - CNBC: Squawk Box Asia: March 8, 2021Stocks Close Sharply Higher in Wild Session on Wall Street: Ross Mayfield - Cheddar: March 5, 2021Jobless Numbers Better Than Expected, 730,000 First-time Unemployment Claims: Ross Mayfield - Cheddar: February 25, 2021Market Recap: Tuesday, February 16: Michael Antonelli - Yahoo! Finance Live: February 16, 2021We might see this for a bit: Analyst on market headwinds: Ross Mayfield - Yahoo! Finance Live: January 25, 2021Bloomberg The Open: David George - Bloomberg TV: January 19, 2021 2
(David’s segment runs from 28:00 – 33:25)
Futures Rise with Investors Optimistic About More Stimulus Under Biden's Administration: Ross Mayfield - Cheddar: January 19, 2021Michael Antonelli On The Economic Outlook For 2021: Michael Antonelli - TD Ameritrade Network: January 6, 2021You can’t just flip a switch, it’s going to take some time: Peter Ament - CNBC TV: January 4, 2021 1

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