Instructions to Download the Baird Consolidated Tax Statement into a CSV File


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As a Baird Client, you or your tax preparer may download your Baird Consolidated Tax Statement (e.g., Forms 1099-DIV, -INT, -OID, -B, and -MISC) directly into a CSV (comma-separated values) file. The downloaded CSV file can be electronically transferred into most tax accounting software, thus eliminating the majority of the manual data entry and saving considerable time.

To facilitate the CSV file download process, you need the Account Number and the unique Document ID displayed on your Baird 2020 Consolidated  Tax Statement. Please follow the instructions below to download your Baird Tax Statement data into a CSV file.

Note: Baird offers a separate service to download the Baird Tax Statement into TurboTax®click here for information.

Terms and Conditions

By using the CSV file download you are agreeing to the Robert W. Baird & Co., Incorporated Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to many frequently asked questions regarding the CSV file download can be found in the CSV FAQs. Additionally, you may contact Baird’s 1099 Help Line at 1-888-RWB-1099.

CSV File Download Instructions

  1. Prior to starting, you need the Account Number and the unique Document ID displayed on the 2020 Baird Consolidated Tax Statement. The Account Number and unique Document ID are located at the top of page 1 on the Baird Tax Statement.
    Tax Statement Sample
  2. Access the following secure website:
  3. On the “Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc. – Tax Download” webpage:
    a. Select the applicable Tax Year in the first drop down box.
    b. Type in your Account number as displayed on the Baird Tax Statement
    (Note: if you have multiple accounts at Baird, you will need to download each account separately).
    c. Type in the unique Document ID as displayed on the Baird Tax Statement.
    d. Select the applicable File Type from the drop down box – CSV (Note: if your Baird Tax Statement
    contains numerous pages, there is an option to download your CSV file as a zip compressed file).
    e. In the Enter code box, type in the visual code displayed on the screen. (Note: this random code
    is used for authentication purposes.)
    f. Click the [Download] button.
  4. Within the File Download dialog box, click the [Open] button. The CSV file will open in Excel (or in another compatible default program).
  5. Review the data found in the CSV file and compare it against the actual Baird Consolidated Tax Statement to ensure there are no discrepancies.
    a. For the Forms 1099-DIV, 1099-INT and 1099-MISC: the applicable IRS box totals will be downloaded1.
    b. For the Forms 1099-OID: the applicable IRS box totals for each security will be downloaded1.
    c. For the Forms 1099-B: each applicable detailed transaction will be downloaded.
  6. Save the CSV file to your computer using a unique file name (note: if you have multiple accounts at Baird, you will need to download each account separately and save each account with a different file name).
  7. Please refer to the instructions provided by your tax accounting software to complete the import process of the CSV file into your software.
1It is important to note that your tax accounting software may not support the import of all Forms 1099 data contained in the CSV file. Therefore, you may need to manually delete any unsupported Forms 1099 data from the CSV file through a program that is compatible to read a CSV file (e.g., Excel) or through your tax accounting software according to the software instructions.

Baird can only assist you with the technical download of the Baird Tax Statement into a CSV file. If you have any trouble importing a CSV file into the tax accounting software, please contact the software vendor directly.

It is important to understand that the download of the Baird Tax Statement into a CSV file may not contain all of the information required for you to properly complete the investment income portion of your federal and/or state tax return(s).

Be sure to verify the information that you download with your own records in order to ensure accurate and complete reporting of all required tax information on your federal and/or state tax return(s). Although Baird is providing the download of the Baird Tax Statement into a CSV file as an additional service, Baird does not guarantee that the information provided is sufficient for tax reporting purposes, and Baird is not liable for your reliance upon or use of the CSV download service or the data provided through such service. If you have specific questions regarding the preparation of your tax return, contact your tax advisor, the IRS, or the state(s) to which you report.

The printed Baird Consolidated Tax Statement is the official record of Forms 1099 information maintained at Robert W. Baird & Co. Incorporated. Robert W. Baird & Co. Incorporated disclaims any liability arising from the use of the Service, FIS Wall Street Concepts® software and/or the content furnished by or through any third party, including but not limited to, any resulting information obtained from such use, or interpretations of information made as a result of such use.