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Michael K. BurnsMichael K. Burns
Managing Director

Mike serves as Baird’s lead investment banker for Ohio issuers, serving K-12 public schools, municipalities, counties & townships.  Since joining Baird in 2007, he has worked in the Structured Finance Group as well as the Ohio Public Finance Group and has underwritten, placed or advised on all types of financing structures in Ohio, including general obligation and revenue bonds, BANs, TANs, Certificates of Participation, lease purchases and tax increment financings.  Since 2014, Mike has advised his clients, assisted with pre-ballot work, structured their bond issuances and served as sole underwriter, placement agent or municipal advisor on over $2 Billion in par amount of bonds and leases.  This amount is not artificially enhanced by serving as co-manager on large State or State Agency bonds, but from working with over 250 small to mid-sized issuers who have relied on Mike and his financial advice to issue their financing at the lowest cost to the Issuer. Mike received a bachelor’s degree from Ohio University and currently resides in Westerville with his wife and four children.