The BVL offers more than 100 short, interactive videos on school finance in an easy-to-understand format. The BVL benefits your district by providing:

  • A cost-effective and interactive educational suite catered to various levels of school finance expertise from board member to school business professional
  • Resources, especially for training, continuing education and talent development
  • Flexibility, providing users instant access to relevant school finance topics anytime, anywhere
  • Toolkits for any board, community, lunch and learn or team meeting

Users can navigate their experience based on the following sections in each video:


An Overview
Offers high-level information, perfect for board or community meetings

To Know
Takes a deeper dive, arming the user with essential details

To Do
Walks users through each step, providing training for your team

Help your district’s team become more knowledgeable and more efficient. To learn more about the BVL, contact the Baird SBS Team at or 414-765-3827 or visit