Morningstar selects Baird Short-Term Bond Fund for Calming Rising-Rate Jitters

In a January 30 article, Morningstar selected Baird Short Term Bond Fund (BSBIX) as one of "4 Short Term Bond Funds to Calm Rising-Rate Jitters."


Baird Short Term Bond  (BSBIX) doesn't get overly fancy. Mary Ellen Stanek and her long-tenured team of portfolio managers keep the fund's duration – 1.9 years as of Dec. 31, 2017 – close to that of its Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Government/Credit 1-3 Year Index, avoid junk bonds, and tread lightly in mortgages and other securitized fare with a high degree of cash flow uncertainty or liquidity concerns. The team specializes in short-dated investment-grade corporates, especially midgrade A and BBB rated fare, and has done a good job selecting bonds and balancing that exposure with high-quality U.S. government debt. The 0.30% price tag charged by its institutional share class ranks among the lowest charged by an actively managed bond fund but requires a $25,000 minimum. 

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