Industrial Technology: Not just Industry 4.0

Baird Capital hosted a select group of trusted advisors and industry experts over lunch to discuss the growing importance of technology within the industrials sector and the consequential opportunities and challenges this creates.

With the rise of interconnected machines and inexpensive computing power, there has been much talk of Industry 4.0, yet there are many other, less hyped, but just as exciting technology developments on the industrial landscape.

In recent years there has been a huge leap forward in materials technology, engineering design and production techniques. An example given was CAV Technologies, Baird Capital's latest UK investment in a leading Aerospace technology provider focused on safe and efficient aviation. CAV has developed proprietary patented techniques for the laser perforation of titanium sheet, for use in ice protection and drag reduction systems, and in doing so has become a market leader in its segments. 

Further, the truly remarkable turbine blades found in the Trent XWB jet engines served as a further great example of advances in industrial technology. Utilising a highly complex and intricate form of casting, incidentally one of the oldest forms of metalworking, engineers at the Rolls Royce factory in Rotherham, create turbine blades from a single crystal of nickel alloy. Almost organic in appearance, the staggeringly intricate form belies an even more impressive function. Cast with intricate cooling channels and then given a ceramic coating by plasma deposition, each blade extracts the power equivalent to a Formula One car engine whilst operating in an environment that exceeds the melting point of alloy. 

Buoyed by the robust debate and this truly remarkable example of advanced engineering, developed in the UL with input from British Universities and the Manufacturing Technology Centre (who featured at a previous Baird Industrial Lunch), our guests left enthused by the capabilities of British engineering and the opportunities that industrial innovation and technology has to offer UK businesses.

At Baird Capital we are focused on making investments in high quality industrial businesses, especially those who are leveraging our industrial heritage while utilising the rapid advances in technology and techniques to create world class solutions. With our global capabilities and deep sector experience, we believe that we are uniquely positioned to help growing UK companies in the sector, particularly those with international ambitions. If you would like to discuss investment opportunities in relation to any industrial technology business with strong secular drivers and international growth aspirations, please contact any of the team members listed.