Barron's Panelist Highlights Baird Core Plus Bond Fund

In an August 6th Barron's cover story, a panel of fixed income experts discussed funds and individual securities that maximize income and minimize risk. 


The challenge for income investors is both frustrating and familiar: Interest rates are lodged near historic lows, and dividend stocks have soared to even higher highs. But just as our income Roundtable members did a year ago, our current panelists bring fresh approaches to locking in returns in a world where rates are likely to stay lower for longer. 

While they identify opportunities for safe yields above 5% – not an easy task when the 10-year Treasury rate is just 1.6% – much of their advice is focused on how investors can avoid making mistakes. They emphasize careful portfolio construction – blending a mix of high-quality, low-yielding bonds for safety and diversification with riskier higher-yielding securities for income. Finding low-cost vehicles with tax advantages is another theme.


During the discussion, panelist Kathy Jones, chief fixed-income strategist at Charles Schwab, named Baird Core Plus Bond Fund (BCOSX/BCOIX) as one of a few funds she likes that "hold high-quality, intermediate-term bonds, have low expense ratios, and high-quality management."

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