Business Continuity

Baird has a business continuity program in place to help ensure safety, continuity of service, and support for our clients and associates. The business continuity program includes periodic evaluation of risk and control, business impact analysis, business continuity strategy development and review, emergency response planning, crisis management planning, business continuity planning and periodic plan maintenance. Various rehearsal exercises are conducted throughout the year to evaluate our readiness. Audits of the business continuity program are performed and progress is reported to a Business Continuity Steering committee.

Departments have business continuity plans that contain procedures for response, recovery and resumption of critical business processes. Contact information for associates, vendors and critical business partners are listed, updated periodically and is available off site electronically and through hardcopy in support of the business continuity program. A plan may be invoked in whole or in part, depending on the severity of the incident and the functional areas affected. It is the firm’s intention to continue business during any foreseeable disruptive event and to provide clients prompt access to their funds and securities.

Emergency response procedures and drills are in place for building evacuation and weather emergencies for our company headquarters as well as other Baird offices. Communication and direction throughout an incident is coordinated through the Crisis Management team and escalated to the Executive Committee if needed.

Alternative sites have defined work space that can be used for the recovery of certain trading and related clearance and settlement as well as other functions. Space will be provided at various Baird sites to accommodate other department recovery teams. The alternate Baird sites are at locations that give us the ability to recover from disruptions affecting various locations, including our headquarters building and its surrounding area, as well as city-wide and regional events. In addition, our primary client information service vendor is highly resilient and gives us the ability to process orders and otherwise service our clients from Baird sites not experiencing a disruption. They also have a business continuity plan in place that provides for data backup and redundancy. They test their recovery capability semi-annually.

In the event of a power disruption at our corporate headquarters, we have alternate power generation capability sufficient to support our trading, information technology and critical clearance and settlement functions.

Our main telephone system is supported by multiple carriers. In the event of branch office outages, phone calls are redirected to our corporate headquarters, where designated Financial Advisors can assist clients with their investment needs. Longer-term disruptions may require relocating personnel to other Baird sites.

Baird’s wide area network is highly resilient, with multiple levels of redundancy. Mission critical systems have redundancy, which allows for continuous or failover operation in the event of hardware or network failures. System backups are performed for recovery purposes and stored at a secure off-site location.

Baird’s business continuity plan is tested regularly, remote work exercises are performed twice a year, auto notification and emergency communications exercises are run, monthly generator tests occur as well as appropriate IT technical recovery rehearsals. The plan is reviewed by executive senior management on an annual basis and is monitored by a full-time business continuity manager, who updates the plan in the event of any material change to the firm’s operations, technology, structure, business or location.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Financial Advisor or call us toll-free at 800-792-2473 and ask for the Business Continuity Director.