Research Glossary for Baird Online

The Research section of Baird OnLine allows you to view research reports from our nationally-recognized Research Department—as soon as they are published. Baird’s most recent and historical research reports can be filtered by Date, Symbol, Sector, Rating and Suitability—just click on any of these column headings to sort the list of reports displayed.

Adobe Home Page 
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Account Protection
Provides you with detailed information regarding Baird’s account protection policy.

Business Continuity Plan
This plan identifies the steps necessary for Baird to continue operating in any type of disaster.

Indicates the date the report was published—when published today, a time will show in this column.

Financial Information
Provides Baird's latest Statement of Financial Condition report in PDF format.

A headline summarizing the corresponding report is part of each listing. Clicking on the Headline will display the full report as a PDF. Adobe® Reader® is required to view any report.

Search Tips
See Search Tips in this segment of Help to learn more about Search and Advanced Search capabilities within the Research area of Baird OnLine.

Investor Information Sites
For a listing of other sites relating to investor protection and education, see Investor Information Sites.

Privacy Policy
Provides detailed information on Baird’s policy regarding your privacy.

Terms & Conditions
Provides detailed information regarding Baird’s Terms & Conditions of use for our Web site.

User Agreement
Provides the most recent version of the Baird OnLine User Agreement.