Help - Activity Details

The Activity screen displays 60 days of transactions at a time as far back as 180 days in the past.

The Date column represents the date the activity was posted to your account. For trades, this date will be the trade date unless otherwise specified.

Activity provides a brief description of the type of transaction that occurred in your account.

The Quantity represents the number of shares or units of a specific security, relative to each security transaction.

The Description column provides a detailed depiction of the activity or security pertaining to the specific transaction.

A Symbol/CUSIP is a sequence of letters and/or numbers representing and identifying a specific security. These numbers are used when stocks are bought or sold. By clicking on the symbol, you can obtain market price information.

The Price column displays the price per share specific to each purchase or sale transaction.

The Amount column displays the dollar amount specific to each transaction in your account.

The Type column indicates margin transactions, when applicable.