School Business Solutions

Baird Business Office Support

Focused on meeting the unique demands of School Administrative Professionals across the State, Baird’s School Business Solutions team provides creative, effective, and cost-efficient tools and services to help Wisconsin School Districts with their diverse and ongoing financial needs. Whether it is high-level functionality within the business office or day to day operations, Baird’s School Business Specialists provide onsite mentoring and training in addition to “stand-in” business office services such as:

  • Baird Budget Forecast Model
  • On-Site Training
  • Stand-In Business Office Services
  • Operational Referenda Services
  • COMP Module
  • On-site Administrative and Board Workshops and Consultation

Allow our team to provide the resources for office efficiencies and professional development. From a planning perspective, let us provide you with the tools necessary to navigate through the constantly-evolving school business landscape. Whatever your District’s needs may be, Baird has the staff, products, and services to support Wisconsin Schools.

Budget Model Workshops and Open Gyms

Several workshops and small group sessions or “Open Gyms” are held at multiple locations throughout the State, primarily in the spring and fall and during the WASB convention. District Administration and their teams have the opportunity to learn from Baird’s school finance professionals as well as collaborate with their peers on topics such as five-year forecasting, levy and mill rate planning analysis, fund balance projection and more.

You're Invited

Build new or refresh your existing Baird Budget Forecast Model during the 2019-2020 Baird Model workshop series. Led by Baird’s School Business Solutions (“SBS”) and School Finance Teams, participants gain tools for the school finance projection model, practice with other model-users as well as learn enhancements and new features. To learn more about the Baird Budget Forecast Model, School Level Reporting Add-on (NEW!) and other new features in 2019, please watch our video. 

Dates and Locations

  • November 15 | Whitewater
  • November 21 | Green Bay
  • November 22 | Wausau
  • December 5   | Madison
  • December 6   | Milwaukee
  • December 12 | Eau Claire
  • December 13 | La Crosse