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The Fed Continues on Path Toward Normalization. Baird Senior Fixed Income Research Analyst Craig Elder shares his perspective on the Federal Reserve’s first meeting of the year. Updated: January 29

Baird’s Experts Weigh in on What the Rate Hike Means for Investors. Senior Fixed Income Analyst Craig Elder and Investment Strategist Willie Delwiche share perspective on how the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates could impact the equity and fixed income markets, and what it means for investors. Updated: December 21

2016 Fixed Income Market Outlook. Baird Senior Fixed Income Research Analyst Craig Elder looks back on how the fixed income market performed in 2015, and discusses the prospect of rising interest rates and offers predictions for 2016. Updated: December 11

Fixed Income Market Commentary. Craig Elder, Senior Fixed Income Research Analyst, offers his take on the Federal Reserve and other economic indicators moving today’s fixed income market. Updated: January 26

Municipal Bond Market Commentary. Dave Violette, CFA, Senior Fixed Income Research Analyst, provides a weekly snapshot of the municipal market, highlighting the latest industry data and events influencing the municipal bond market. Updated: January 19

Baird Public Finance Municipal Market Update. Baird’s Public Finance team provides a high-level synopsis of rates, influencers and trends in the municipal market within the past month. Updated: January 2016

Baird Advisors Market Commentary. Baird’s fixed income team in Asset Management provides an institutional investor perspective to the bond market. Updated: October 2015

Mary Ellen Stanek's 2016 Bond Market Outlook. Baird Chief Investment Officer Mary Ellen Stanek recaps the 2015 bond market and ofers her outlook for 2016. Updated: September 18


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