Public Finance - Referendum Assistance


Referendum Assistance

Baird’s Public Finance professionals have extensive experience providing referendum support.

Our success is attributed to a staff of professionals who understand the complexity of the process and issues involved in passing a referendum. Baird's public finance team helps you through the process to create a referendum strategy, which includes assistance in several areas, including: 
  • Determining the best time to go to referendum 
  • Informing you of any legal requirements 
  • Creating a timetable to organize and prioritize tasks 
  • Establishing subcommittees and clearly defining their responsibilities 
  • Developing informational brochures and flyers to communicate with voters 
  • Providing telephone canvassing scripts to inform the public of the upcoming referendum
Once the referendum is passed, our services continue to help you raise money for your project. Debt structure, spending requirements, identification of strengths and weaknesses for credit analysis, and market timing are considerations we carefully examine when bringing your issue to market. We also provide assistance regarding investing proceeds to maximize earnings.

Referendum services are only one part of our comprehensive financial services for school districts. We also offer advice and assistance in capital improvement planning and budget forecasting.