Public Finance - Budget Planning and Analysis


Budget Planning and Analysis

As your financial partner, Baird’s Public Finance professionals will analyze your needs, and help you plan for and create a budget that reflects your goals. We also research, prepare and evaluate preliminary and final official statements, and perform quantitative analysis, due diligence and documentation for financings.

Budget Forecasting
Our Public Finance professionals have the knowledge and experience to advise you in preparing a reliable budget forecast, which is looked upon favorably by rating agencies. This forecast also can assist you in decision-making, establishing tax policy and in viewing the future effect of certain current legislative constraints.

Through seminars, workshops and one-on-one sessions, we help districts and local governments understand and benefit from Baird budget forecasts.

Capital Improvement Plan
We are experienced in developing CIPs, which include creating a schedule of capital improvement projects for five or more years, and identifying capital project costs and proposed sources of funding.

Baird creates a customized CIP, updates it as necessary, and runs scenarios to help determine the impact of future borrowings on debt capacity. By changing assumptions, your municipality can plan for contingencies.

Credit Ratings
Since we work continuously with rating agencies on hundreds of financing each year, we know their preferences and concerns. This insight is an asset to a client who needs to establish, maintain or improve a credit rating.

Trend Analysis
Planning for your organization’s needs and reviewing overall trends is essential to meeting financial goals. We can prepare five- or 10-year trend analyses that consider economic and financial variables such as trends in enrollment, population, valuation and tax rates.

Trend analyses can be used for educating the public or a governing body. They also clearly present your organization to rating agencies and define goals based on historical data.