Executive Services - Exercising Stock Options


Exercising Stock Options

Executives should reflect on the ramifications of exercising stock options on their overall financial plan, such as the potential concentration of a single position or how a stock might fit in their overall asset allocation. Executives might also consider ways to manage the impact of the alternative minimum tax and reduce overall tax cost.

To help executives maximize the benefits stock options can offer, Baird uses sophisticated software planning tools to analyze your exercise strategies. We create stock-exercise scenarios to provide you with the best recommendations for managing your taxes and liquidity requirements and realizing your investment portfolio goals.

Depending on your stock-option plan provisions, Baird facilitates a variety of exercise methods, including:
    • Cashless exercise
    • Partial sales exercise and hold
    • Stock swaps
Let your Baird Financial Advisor help you manage your stock options as part of a comprehensive investment plan.