Executive Services

Baird’s executive services create a comprehensive strategy to help executives grow and preserve their wealth

Comprehensive Wealth Management

A corporate executive’s financial security can involve complex financial planning challenges. Baird offers objective, insightful strategies designed to help executives manage two valuable resources: time and money. With a focus on personal service, our multidisciplinary approach ensures that stock strategies and other investment and benefits decisions are addressed as part of a comprehensive approach to grow and preserve wealth over the long term.

Exercising Stock Options

For many executives, company stock options are an important piece of overall compensation and a significant part of their personal net worth. Baird can identify tax considerations and help executives incorporate stock option planning into their overall wealth management strategies.

Stock Strategies and Regulations

Certain stock transactions are subject to strict government regulations. Baird professionals can counsel executives about compliance with these rules, as well as recommend other equity strategies for high-net-worth corporate officers.
    Rule 144
    Rule 10b5-1
    Concentrated Equity Strategies