Corporate Services - Investment Analysis


Retirement Plan Investment Analysis

As an independent consultant for corporate retirement plans, Baird serves a growing number of middle-market companies seeking an unbiased advisor to provide investment oversight for their plans.

For participant-directed plans, such as a 401(k), Baird’s process begins with a review of your Investment Policy Statement and the asset classes offered in your plan. Once your investment objectives and policy have been established, Baird conducts a quantitative and qualitative analysis of available investment options.

Baird has the flexibility to represent a wide variety of independent money managers, mutual funds, separate accounts or pooled collective trust portfolios. This independent objectivity and consultative approach provides you with a sound recommended list of investment options from which to choose.

Baird regularly reviews the performance of your investment options in accordance with your Investment Policy Statement. We provide detailed quarterly reports to document the review process.

For employer- or trustee-directed plans such as defined benefit plans, Baird’s process also includes asset allocation analysis and recommendations, with considerations given to the liabilities of your plan. The asset allocation is continually analyzed, along with the performance analysis of your underlying investment options.