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Retirement Plan Provider Selection

Retirement Plan Provider Selection Whether your business is a nonprofit, a sole proprietorship or a large corporation, Baird can recommend a provider ideally suited to your organization. Baird retirement specialists research your goals, demographics and culture, then assess plan providers to determine which approach best serves your employees’ interests and fulfills your fiduciary obligations.

As your consultant, Baird regularly reviews provider capabilities and recommends vendors based on such factors as:

Long-term commitment: To ensure that your retirement plan benefits remain competitive, it is important that your plan provider has the scale and capacity to compete long term. Baird assesses the marketplace to determine which plan providers lead the industry and continually reinvest in their retirement plan infrastructure.

Reliable service and support: Baird reviews the capabilities of providers’ dedicated client- service teams. We look for firms that set and measure quality service standards and compensate their employees based on client satisfaction.

Pricing: By soliciting numerous bids for your plan, Baird helps you determine whether a provider’s fees are competitive and reasonable for the services provided. 

Investment flexibility: How flexible is the plan provider’s investment menu? Does the provider offer completely open architecture? Are there any proprietary fund requirements? What are its capabilities to process frozen assets or company stock? 

Ease of use for participants: What features are available on the provider’s toll-free number? How thorough is its Web site? Does the provider offer customized and personalized employee communications?

To find the right retirement plan provider for your organization, contact a Baird Financial Advisor