Corporate Services - Education and Communication


Retirement Plan Education and Communication

Retirement Plan Education and Communication The cornerstone of a successful 401(k) plan is a high level of participation and good investment diversification. The most effective way to achieve both is by providing an educational focus throughout the life of your plan. It is Baird’s goal to educate your employees so they can make independent, well-informed savings and investment decisions for their future.

To continually educate your employees, Baird provides services that comprise three primary approaches:
  • Targeted communications campaigns
  • Periodic group presentations
  • One-on-one consultations

Baird works with you to develop key areas for improvement within your plan (or plans). Based on this analysis, we develop and deliver campaigns targeted at specific issues for specific groups of employees. Different messages and different forms of media can be used to ensure your plan participants receive the message in the format most helpful for them.

To provide a retirement plan that offers your employees comprehensive education features including one-on-one consultations, contact a Baird Financial Advisor.