Corporate Services - Directed Shares


Directed Shares

In conjunction with an initial public offering, companies may set aside stock shares for purchase at the public offering price by key employees and others with relationships to the organization, sometimes referred to simply as “friends and family.” Baird can partner with your friends and family to efficiently manage the distribution of these directed shares so you can effectively reward individuals who play a key role in your company's success.

As your partner, Baird Financial Advisors will work with you to enhance the process and develop relationships with those key friends and family whom you have chosen to participate in your growth. We can:
  • Assist you in creating your list of directed share recipients 
  • Manage the mailing, and follow up with a prospectus to those interested in participating 
  • Provide employee education and facilitate employee purchases 
  • Offer a streamlined process to open accounts for those interested in stock purchases 
  • Provide access to research reports and additional Baird services

In addition, Baird offers extensive services for executives, including help with control and restricted stock transactions, preprogrammed trading plans (SEC Rule 10b5-1), stock option exercise services, exchange funds and customized hedging strategies. Baird’s multidisciplinary approach to executive financial planning ensures comprehensive coverage of these issues.