Corporate Services

Discover how Baird’s Corporate Services can help you reward employees with attractive compensation and benefit plans, and enhance your cash management

Compensation and Benefit Plans

Baird offers a range of compensation and benefit services to help make your organization more competitive in attracting and retaining key employees. We can enhance your current plans or help you develop new ones.

    Employee Stock Options/ESPPs    
    Deferred Compensation
Cash Flow Management

To manage your company’s cash flow, Baird offers proprietary and independently managed investments that can enhance your return on corporate cash while preserving adequate operating funds.
Directed Shares
When your company is planning an IPO, you may offer directed shares to reward key individuals who have contributed to the firm’s growth. Baird can work with your executives to efficiently manage the distribution process.

Retirement Plan Services

To help your organization attract and retain talented employees through tax-deferred compensation options, Baird can guide you through the selection and administration of a retirement plan that reflects your business goals.
Repurchasing your company’s stock can be a winning strategy under the right conditions. Baird can develop strategies that help companies execute trades at competitive prices and in compliance with SEC guidelines.