Corporate Services - Employee Stock Option/ESPPs


Employee Stock Options/ESPPs

To provide our business clients with comprehensive, personalized services for administering their employee stock option and employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs), Baird offers employers a number of flexible options. We can work as a preferred broker, assume a captive broker relationship or provide complete plan administration services.

Preferred Broker Relationship
If your company is currently working with a number of financial service providers and you prefer to continue those relationships, you can add Baird as one of the preferred brokers you recommend to employees for exercising their stock options. As a preferred provider, we will facilitate exercising your employees’ stock options and ensure each employee receives prompt, professional service.

Captive Broker Relationship
When you select Baird as a captive broker to help you manage your stock plan, our Corporate and Executive Services specialists will work directly with your office and your stock option administrator to develop an efficient, streamlined process for exercising options. A Baird captive broker relationship will allow you to simplify your processes, procedures and forms with a single set of guidelines for completing each employee’s stock option exercise request. We will offer your key executives and employees a wide array of personal and customized services to help them manage their stock options as part of a comprehensive wealth management strategy.

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