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Deferred Compensation

Limitations on qualified retirement plans and Social Security have made it more difficult for executives to use tax-advantaged strategies to save adequately for retirement. Carefully designed nonqualified deferred compensation plans can solve the challenges created by those limits. Baird’s executive benefits solutions help companies motivate and retain executive talent by closing that retirement gap.

To assist you in selecting the level of service and consultation your company needs, Baird assembles a team of experts from our Corporate & Executive Services, Investment Consulting Services and Performance Monitoring, and Financial Planning departments. Together they work to ensure a comprehensive and long-term program of plan design consultation, as well as investment selection, evaluation and monitoring.
Education and Communication
The success of a deferred compensation arrangement depends on how well participants understand the plan. Your Baird team educates your executives so they can make independent, well-informed investment decisions for their futures.

In addition to providing group presentations, Baird professionals will meet privately with plan participants to discuss the advantages of participating in a deferred compensation plan. To ensure that the deferred compensation plan approach is appropriate for specific portfolios, we consider each executive’s financial requirements and goals before recommending their participation in such a plan. Implementing the most effective deferred compensation strategy is a complex process that considers company philosophy and your legal, tax and accounting considerations.
Baird’s Role as Liaison
Baird will help companies determine if this strategy is appropriate for their top executives. If it is, Baird will review top competitive deferred compensation plan providers. We will select the best provider to execute and administer a nonqualified deferred compensation plan that serves your employees’ and company’s interests. 

Contact a Baird Financial Advisor to learn more about deferred compensation plans and other corporate services offered by Baird.