Specialized Asset Management Services

A Comprehensive Investment Solution Tailored to Your Evolving Needs

Financial goals can be as unique as individual clients. And like individuals, they often change over time. Baird's Specialized Asset Management (SAM) service provides customized, comprehensive management for investors with considerable wealth and specific objectives. It's a discretionary solution designed by the professionals of Baird Investment Management with your evolving needs in mind.

Key Benefits for You
  • A comprehensive solution. SAM combines asset allocation, investment and planning services to support your complete financial picture. Portfolios include high-quality stocks in combination with both active and lower-cost passive investments in complementary asset classes, and are designed with the intent of delivering above- benchmark performance through full market cycles while mitigating downside risk.
  • Tailored to your needs. An in-depth discovery process and close collaboration with your Baird Financial Advisor lets us design your portfolio to address your unique investment needs, goals and objectives.
  • Tax-savvy investing. All investment decisions are made with a thorough understanding of your individual tax situation and security-level cost basis. This is particularly helpful as we incorporate existing holdings and use our process to transition your portfolio to your desired asset allocation.
A True Team Approach

Specialized Asset Management combines your Baird Financial Advisors' understanding of your personal situation and needs with the investment expertise of our seasoned portfolio managers.

To learn more about Specialized Asset Management Services, please contact:

Randy McLaughlin   Brenda Hutchinson
J. Randall McLaughlin, CFA
Portfolio Manager
  Brenda Hutchinson
Portfolio Manager