Specialized Asset Management

Baird's Specialized Asset Management (SAM) team provides customized, comprehensive management for high-net-worth investors with specific objectives.

  • A Comprehensive Solution 
    SAM portfolios combine strategic asset allocation and professional active management with time-tested portfolio models. SAM provides equity and fixed income exposure through a balance of high-quality stocks, mutual funds and ETFs, all available in a single account. 
  • Risk-Managed
    We build our portfolios to weather tough market environments. Core equity holdings focus on quality companies with sustainable competitive advantages. Fixed income allocations emphasize return of principal. Flexible holdings consist of investments with low coorelations to the equity markets. The inclusion of complementary asset classes reduces portfolio volatility.
  • Tax-Advantaged
    The SAM team understands that taxes matter. More importantly, we are investors, not traders. Turnover is intentionally low with our average holding period exceeding five years. Clients maintain their own cost basis, making tax-loss selling possible. 
  • Research-Driven
    Investments are researched and selected by our senior portfolio managers, who draw on numerous leading research platforms (including Baird's top-ranked equity research). The SAM team also meets directly with company management for updates on existing holdings and to vet potential new investments. 
  • Flexibility
    SAM has a suite of offerings designed to help high-net-worth clients with varying needs. SAM Strategic provides all of the benefits listed above for clients with a minimum of $250,000 in assets. SAM Custom adds more tailored features for clients with assets of $1 million or more.