Specialized Asset Management

Baird's Specialized Asset Management (SAM) team provides customized, comprehensive management for high-net-worth investors with specific objectives.

  • Comprehensive solutions
    SAM offers asset allocation, investment and planning services. Portfolios include high-quality stocks in combination with both active and lower-cost passive investments in complementary asset classes, and are designed with the intent of delivering
    above-benchmark performance through full market cycles while mitigating downside risk. 
  • Tailored portfolios
    An in-depth discovery process and close collaboration let us design your portfolio to address your unique investment needs, goals and objectives.
  • Tax-savvy investing
    All investment decisions are made with a thorough understanding of your individual tax situation and security-level cost basis. This is helpful as we incorporate existing holdings and use our process to transition your portfolio to your desired asset allocation.
A Collaborative Approach

Specialized Asset Management combines your Baird Financial Advisors' understanding of your personal financial objectives and needs with the investment expertise of our seasoned portfolio managers.