Beyond Milestones   2013 Annual Report

Baird Capital

Baird Capital's ability to leverage the power of its investment platform - from deep sector knowledge to cross-border collaboration and global operating resources - drives its success in capturing the potential of smaller companies.

$3 billion raised
$3 billion raised

Since inception, Baird Capital has raised and managed $3 billion for its private equity, venture capital and growth equity funds.

277 companies
277 companies

Baird Capital has invested in 277 companies since inception. We have active investments in 65 portfolio companies, which have combined revenues of $3 billion and nearly 16,500 employees.

60 professionals
60 professionals

31 investment, 19 operating and 10 support professionals provide both global perspective and local resources to help our companies grow in value.

3 continents

Baird Capital's team in the United States, United Kingdom and China creates a global knowledge platform normally unavailable to smaller companies.


Active portfolio companies

Proven sector expertise
Baird Capital invests in smaller, high-potential companies in the Healthcare, Products and Services sectors where it has deep sector knowledge and global resources to support the growth of its portfolio companies.

Successful private equity investing starts with a great idea. Over the past two years, Baird Capital has strengthened its management process across its global platform to more effectively share knowledge, generate investment and operating ideas, and facilitate deal flow. Beginning with our global team's deep expertise in selected industries, we are collaborating across our fund management teams to identify the most compelling opportunities for standalone acquisitions or cross-border add-ons. Where appropriate, Baird's Research and global Investment Banking teams provide additional breadth and depth to our understanding of potential opportunities.

This enhanced information-sharing also extends to the oversight and support we offer portfolio companies. Our global team of 60 investment, operating and support professionals works closely with entrepreneurial management groups to help them grow their businesses. Our companies also benefit from the experience of senior executives who are closely engaged with our sectorfocused teams.

Baird Capital's Portfolio Operations group supports our investment teams and portfolio companies in building value through revenue growth and operating efficiencies. Our Portfolio Operations team collaborates on a global basis to share best practices and leverage the scale of our active portfolio of 65 companies. Shared spending and operations support projects are deployed at each of our portfolio investments. In addition, we actively helped more than a dozen portfolio companies expand their international business in 2013, including supporting them in gaining access to markets in China, India and Brazil, among others.

Four fund families

Baird Capital makes venture capital, growth equity and buyout investments through four families of funds - U.S. Private Equity, Venture Capital, U.K. Private Equity and China Growth Equity - in the Healthcare, Products and Services sectors. Our active portfolio companies have combined annual revenues of $3 billion and nearly 16,500 employees.

During 2013, we completed fundraising for U.K. Private Equity's newest fund, BCPE II, which raised £60 million. Baird Capital has raised and managed $3 billion since inception.

Across the funds, Baird Capital invested $130 million in 10 new companies as well as a number of smaller, add-on acquisitions for portfolio companies during 2013. The exits of five companies, recapitalizations and residual payments from previous exits enabled Baird Capital to return approximately $71 million to investors.