Baird Participates in Wall Street Journal “Women in the Economy” Conference

April 11, 2011
The April 11 issue of The Wall Street Journal includes a feature section about the paper’s “Women in the Economy” conference held April 4-6, where business and government leaders examined barriers to success for women in the workplace. Conference participants included a variety of notable business, academic and other leaders who developed recommendations for creating new opportunities for women and their workplaces.

Given Baird’s commitment to diversity, women’s issues and being a great place to work, The Wall Street Journal invited Baird’s Asset Management Director Mary Ellen Stanek to co-chair the Mid-Career taskforce at the conference. This was one of six taskforces that determined priorities for managing the challenges women face at specific stages of their careers. The taskforce recommendations appear online and in print on page R7 of the April 11 issue in an article titled “From Kindergarten to the Boardroom: The Top Priorities.”

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