Research Associate - Your First Year


Research Associate -- The First Year

What can you expect during your first year at Baird? We asked a few research associates to describe their first-year experiences. Here’s what they said:

A Research Associate's Perspective
Over my first two years at Baird, I have had ample opportunities to grow as a research associate. I spent the first year covering the Industrial sector. I wrote reports, modeled financials and met with company executives. In my second year, I paired with a senior analyst to develop a new coverage list in Technology. We traveled the country meeting executive management teams and developing our investment thesis. By the end of that year, we had launched coverage of 10 software companies. I now take a more active role, discussing industry trends and specific stocks with portfolio managers and buy-side analysts. Along the way, I have learned to appreciate Baird's reputation for objectivity on Wall Street. It is satisfying to know that clients view Baird analysts as credible, independent professionals who call it as they see it.

Another Research Associate's Perspective
I initially focused on three primary tasks: First, I needed to become more knowledgeable about the investment industry and, more specifically, the role of Equity Research. I spent time learning about how the various components of Baird interacted, spending time with Research, Institutional Sales, Trading, Investment Banking, and institutional clients. This experience helped me understand my clients – internal and external – and their needs.

Second, I focused on becoming knowledgeable in the companies under our coverage. This journey was kick-started almost immediately upon commencing work at Baird. I was given the opportunity to interact with executive management of various companies in our [coverage] universe, getting a better appreciation of various operational strategies and industry perspectives.

The third concurrent track was a research project focused on a new, emerging market. I led the research initiative that involved interacting with the industry leaders, identifying emerging trends and publishing an industry investment perspective.
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