Research Analyst - Your First Year


Your First Year

What can you expect during your first year at Baird? We asked a few analysts to describe their first-year experiences. Here’s what they said:

An Analyst's Perspective
"Over the last year, I have developed the basic concepts of analyzing securities and gained knowledge of my specific sector (consumer/retail). I work closely with a senior analyst to keep investors abreast of the latest events affecting our companies, and how these developments may impact stock prices. I have also met the senior management for most of our coverage list at meetings or trade shows. During the last year I have been assigned the following: 

  • Write research notes, reports and fact sheets 
  • Maintain and update earnings models and variance sheets 
  • Analyze earnings releases, and quarterly and annual SEC filings 
  • Participate in conference calls for our companies as well as competitors 
  • Compile and review data on potential coverage candidates 
  • Keep up with the latest industry and company-specific news and market trends by reading financial publications, trade journals and Web sources 
  • Conduct field research by visiting local retailers" 
Another analyst's perspective
"An analyst creates complex financial models and valuation tables (discounted cash flow, comparable company analysis, etc.). By the end of the first year, I was creating models, writing complete research reports, research notes and industry pieces, and fielding calls from Institutional Sales and from clients. Baird puts significant emphasis on developing analysts so they can support the Equity Research team."
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