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Featured Appearance: Tesla Shares Seen as 'Under-Owned', by Analyst Kallo
Date: 6/6/2018
Spokesperson: Ben Kallo
Network: Bloomberg
Disclosures: TSLA

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  Tesla Bull Makes the Case for Staying Public: Ben Kallo - Bloomberg, 8/15/2018 TSLA
  Buy mid-cap stocks amid Turkey's Financial Crisis: Strategist: Bruce Bittles - CNBC, 8/13/2018  
  Finding Value in Energy Sector, Oil Stocks Very Under Owned: Pro: Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 8/8/18  
  Apple Hits Record High, Nears $1 Trillion Value: Will Power - CNBC, 8/1/2018 APPL
  Surveillance: Central Banks Must Communicate, Schoenholtz Says: Will Power - Bloomberg, 8/1/2018
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  Bloomberg Markets: Lanser on M&A Activity (Audio): Howard Lanser - Bloomberg, 7/30/2018  
  Facebook Was Wakeup Call on Tech Market Concentration: Bittles: Bruce Bittles - Bloomberg, 7/30/2018  
  How Can Tesla Pay for New China Plant?: Ben Kallo - Bloomberg, 7/10/2018  TSLA
  Bloomberg Markets: Brexit Resignations Cloud Future: Michael Bellisario - Bloomberg, 7/9/2018
(View segment at 13:00)
  There's Further Upside for Apple, Analyst Says: Will Power - CNBC TV, 7/2/2018  APPL, NFLX
  Stocks Fall as Trade Tensions Rise: Bruce Bittles - CNBC TV, 6/25/2018
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  Recession Will End Bull Market, But That's a Way Off Yet: Michael Antonelli - Bloomberg, 6/18/2018  
  Nightly Business Report - June 11, 2018: Colin Sebastian - CNBC TV, 6/11/2018
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  Tesla Shares Seen as 'Under-Owned', by Analyst Kallo: Ben Kallo - Bloomberg, 6/6/2018 TSLA
  'Bloomberg Surveillance': John Taft - Bloomberg, 6/6/2018
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  Musk: 'Do Not Buy Our Stock' If Volatility Scares You: Ben Kallo - Bloomberg, 5/3/2018 TSLA
  Fed doesn't want to invert the yield curve: Analyst: Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 5/3/2018   
  Top Line Growth for Hotels and Hospitality: Michael Bellisario - America's Commercial Real Estate Show, 4/30/2018  
  We're Still Positive on Google's Direction, Says Analyst: Colin Sebastian - CNBC, 4/24/2018 GOOGL, FB
  Pros of Tax Reform Outweigh the Cons of Tariffs?: John Taft - Fox Business, 4/9/2018  
  Stocks Rise as Trade War Fears Ease: Patrick Spencer - Bloomberg, 4/5/2018  
  Baird's Bittles Sees Return to Normal Volatility in Tech Sector: Bruce Bittles - Bloomberg, 4/2/2018  
  Tit for tat trade measures have happened throughout history strategist: Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 3/22/2018  
  CSRA rebuffs offer from CACI: John Song - Gov Matters, 3/20/2018 CACI
  Apple Nears $1 Trillion Market Cap: Will Power - CNBC, 3/19/2018 AAPL 
  Stocks Roiled on "Trade War" Talk: Mig Dobre - Bloomberg, 3/2/2018  
  Powell is a 'Very Safe Pair of Hands': Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 2/26/2018  
  U.S. Stock Rebound, Dollar Stumbles With Yields: Bruce Bittles - Bloomberg, 2/22/2018  
  Baird Apple Analyst: There's Still Good Upside to Stock: Will Power - CNBC, 2/16/2018 AAPL
  Apple Will Continue to Grow at 'Healthy Clip': Analyst: Will Power - CNBC, 2/15/2018 AAPL
  Apple Briefly Dips Into Correction Territory: Will Power - CNBC, 2/5/2018 AAPL
  Amazon Narrows Down List for HQ2 to 20 Cities: Colin Sebastian - Bloomberg, 1/18/2018 AMZN
  How to Prepare for Correction as 10-Year Creeps Toward 3%: Patrick Spencer - Bloomberg, 1/29/2018   
  Strategist: Targeting 3,150 on the S&P this year: Bruce Bittles - CNBC, 1/23/2018  
  Europe is in Rude Health: Baird: Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 1/18/2018  
  David George Says Loan Growh Is Key to Rally: David George - Bloomberg, 1/16/2018  
  How the Tax Changes Affect College-Savers: Tim Steffen - Morningstar, 1/12/2018  
  Baird Analyst Raises Amazon Price Target to $1,310: Colin Sebastian - Bloomberg, 1/8/2018  AMZN
  Still bullish on large-cap internet companies in 2018: Analyst: Colin Sebastian - CNBC, 1/2/2018 AMZN, NFLX, GOOGL, BABA, TWTR, and EBAY