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Featured Appearance: Baird's Spencer Sees 'Cautious' Fed in 2018
Date: 12/12/2017
Spokesperson: Patrick Spencer
Network: Bloomberg



  Baird's Spencer Sees 'Cautious' Fed in 2018: Patrick Spencer - Bloomberg, 12/12/17  
  Tech selloff just profit taking before end of the year: Baird analyst: Colin Sebastian - CNBC, 11/30/2017 AMZN, FB, TWTR
  Media frenzy prompts fight for 21st Century Fox: Robert W. Baird...: Will Power - CNBC, 11/20/2017 CMCSA, FOXA , VZ, and DIS
  Netflix posts blockbuster Q3, adds 5.3 million new subscribers: Will Power - CNBC, 10/17/2017 NFLX
  Banks are Pretty Close to Peak Earnings: R.W. Baird Analyst: David George - CNBC, 10/13/2017  
  US Financials are 'a good place to be,' Analyst Says: Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 10/12/2017  
  Jerome Powell a Good Choice for Fed Chair, Analyst Says: Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 10/12/2017  
   RW Baird Cuts Regional Banks to Sell: David George - CNBC, 10/2/2017  
   Baird Analyst Still Sees Equifax Stock Rising: Jeff Meuler - CNBC, 9/14/2017 EFX
  Facebook loosing teen users to Snapchat: eMarketer: Colin Sebastian - CNBC, 8/22/2017 FB
  Defense Stocks Flying High: Too Late to Get in?: Peter Arment - CNBC, 8/10/2017  
  Disney Streaming Announcement Sent Shockwaves Across the Industry: Will Power - CNBC, 8/10/2017 DIS
  Apple iPhone 8 could spark China sales: Robert W. Baird's Will Power: Will Power - CNBC, 8/2/2017  AAPL
  Baird's Spencer Sees Rotation from Tech to Value Stocks: Patrick Spencer - Bloomberg, 8/1/2017  
  Robert W. Baird's Colin Sebastian: Watch these Key Metrics when...: Colin Sebastian - CNBC, 7/24/2017  
  Corporate Earnings have Recovered from Slump: Pro: Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 7/19/2017  
  Baird's Spencer Says Earning, Data Supports Markets: Patrick Spencer- Bloomberg, 7/17/2017  
  Analyst: Jamie Dimon's DC Rant is way to indirect: David George - CNBC, 7/14/2017  
  Investor Complacency Remains Widespread: Baird Europe: Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 6/20/17  
  Apple Introduces 'smorgasbord' of new products: Will Power - CNBC, 6/6/17 AAPL
  What to Expect from Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference: Will Power - CNBC, 6/5/17 AAPL
  Analyst: Risk from likely flat US subscriber growth for Netflix: Will Power - CNBC, 4/20/17 NFLX and AAPL
  Nightly Business Report: Brian Skorney - NBR, 3/13/17  
  You'll want to own Apple through the iPhone 8 release, Baird analyst says: Will Power - CNBC, 2/28/2017 AAPL
  Albertine: Model S is 'the Apple iPhone' to every else's electric vehicle: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 2/22/17 TSLA
  Apple has $246 billion. Who should they buy?: Will Power - CNBC, 2/13/17 AAPL
  Are cures bad for business?: Skorney - CNBC, 2/9/17 GILD
  Apple's fast-growing services could be its key to original content: Power - CNBC, 2/1/17 AAPL
  Dow Tops 20,000 in Unloved Bull Market: Spencer - Bloomberg, 1/25/17  
  Trump Expectations Reflected in Bank Stocks: George - Bloomberg, 1/13/17  
  Health Care Stocks Look Strong in Long-Term: Spencer - Bloomberg, 1/12/17