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Featured Appearance: Twitter is trying a lot of different things: Analyst
Date: 10/27/2016
Spokesperson: Colin Sebastian
Network: CNBC
Disclosures:  TWTR


  The ‘Vicious Move’ From Bonds to Equities Post-Trump: Patrick Spencer - Bloomberg, 12/9/16  
  This analyst thinks the bears should get off Tesla's case: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 10/26/16 TSLA
  Tesla demand is solid: Albertine: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 10/26/16 TSLA
  Apple's 'pay to wait' play ahead of growth: Pro: Will Power - CNBC, 10/26/16 AAPL
  JPM posts strong quarter: Analyst: David George - CNBC, 10/14/16  
  Bank stocks are a safe place to hide this election: Pro: Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 10/14/16  
  Pro: Twitter's 'for sale sign' will attract interest: Colin Sebastian - CNBC, 10/6/16 TWTR
  Did the bears get Apple wrong?: Will Power - CNBC, 09/15/16 AAPL
  Investors Brace for the Return of Volatility: Patrick Spencer - Bloomberg, 09/09/2016  
  Analyst on Apple tax ruling: More negative noise than anything...: Will Power - CNBC, 08/30/16 AAPL
  Elon Musk speaks on earnings call: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 08/03/2016 TSLA
  Age of mobile advertising here?: Colin Sebastian - CNBC, 07/29/2016 AMZN, GOOG
  Where Will the Markets End in 2016?: Patrick Spencer - Bloomberg, 07/29/2016  
  How Has Brexit Vote Changed U.K. Stock Market Outlook?: Patrick Spencer - Bloomberg, 07/07/16  
  IPhone 7 won't be game changer: Analyst: Will Power - CNBC, 07/01/2016 AAPL
  Tesla-SolarCity a 'no brainer,' but is it a good deal?: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 06/22/2016  TSLA
  Turbulent Stock Market Start to 2016 Coming to an End?: Patrick Spencer - Bloomberg, 05/26/2016  
  Call of the day: Starbucks: David Tarantino - CNBC, 05/23/2016 SBUX
  The near & long-term view on Apple: Will Power - CNBC, 05/09/2016 APPL
  Fierce rotation taking hold of market: Trading: Michael Antonelli - CNBC, 4/26/2016  
  Don't be fooled by earnings beats: Trader: Michael Antonelli - CNBC, 4/26/2016  
  China Property And Investment Helps Stabilize Growth: Patrick Spencer - Bloomberg, 4/15/2016  
  Is it time to buy US Banks : David George - CNBC, 4/13/16 WFC, BAC, JPM
  Banks have had a ‘horrid quarter’: Pro: Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 4/13/2016  
  Analyst: Facebook can kill the 1-800 number—here’s how: Colin Sebastian - CNBC, 4/11/2016 FB
  Tesla replacing Model X 3rd row seat backs: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 4/11/2016 TSLA
  Tesla to unveil Model 3: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 3/30/2016 TSLA
  Should Investors Remain Cautious?: Patrick Spencer - Bloomberg, 3/30/2016  
  Starwood pricing 'gets frothy': David Leob - CNBC, 3/29/2016 HOT
  Nightly Business Report – March 28, 2016: Colin Sebastian - NBR CNBC, 03/28/2016  
  Hotel wars: Will Marriott beat Anbang's bid for Starwood?: David Loeb - CNBC, 03/28/2016  HOT
  OECD Cuts Global Growth Forecast, What's Next?: Patrick Spencer - Bloomberg, 02/18/2016  
  Are Tesla's goals achievable?: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 02/10/2016 TSLA
  Tesla has big numbers to meet: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 02/10/2016  TSLA
  Tech stocks always respond to earnings: Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 02/08/2016  
  Buckle your seatbelts' for Netflix: Will Power - CNBC, 01/19/2016 NFLX
  Did the Fed Make a Mistake Raising Rates in December?: Bruce Bittles - Bloomberg, 01/07/2016  
  Stocks Steady After New Year's Rout: Patrick Spencer - Bloomberg, 01/05/2016  
  Netflix sharply lower: Will Power - CNBC, 01/04/2016                                                              NFLX