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Featured Appearance: RW Baird lowers 2016 iPhone estimates
Date: 12/16/2015
Spokesperson: Will Power
Network: CNBC


  Markets ready for rate hike?: Michael Antonelli - CNBC, 12/14/15  
  Yellen to be cautious going forward?: Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 12/10/15  
  Markets reflecting a Fed Dec hike: Jon Langenfeld - CNBC, 12/01/15  
  E-commerce tracking slightly above planned: Pro: Colin Sebastian - CNBC, 11/30/15 AMZN, EBAY, PYPL, FB, GOOG
  Nightly Business Report: Brian Skorney - NBC CNBC, 11/13/15 SRPT, BMRN, Biotech
  Weighing up a Fed hike: Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 11/05/15  
  Reiterate neutral rating on Tesla shares: Pro: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 11/03/15 TSLA
  What Tesla needs to deliver: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 11/03/15 TSLA
  Confusion ahead for VMware: Analyst: Jayson Nolan - CNBC, 10/20/15 VMW
  Musk: Tesla fires, Apple hires: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 10/09/15 TSLA
  Buy Tesla into Model X launch: Pro: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 09/29/15 TSLA
  Nightly Business Report: Brian Skorney - NBC CNBC, 09/28/15  
  NYC Real Estate: Location, Location and Hipness: Drew Babin - Bloomberg, 09/28/15  
  Yellen: Still the voice for US’ economy?: Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 09/24/15  
  HP plans to cut nearly 30k jobs: Jason Noland - CNBC, 09/16/15 HPQ
  Is the bottoming phase over?: Bruce Bittles - CNBC, 09/14/15  
  Twitter board won't decide on new CEO until after Labor Day: Re/code: Colin Sebastian - CNBC, 09/04/15 TWTR
  Why Apple remains our top pick: Analyst: Will Power - CNBC, 08/24/15 APPL
  Analyst hopeful for iPhone 6S: Will Power - CNBC, 08/21/15 APPL
  Deflation is big concern for Fed: Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 08/19/15  
  Solar Meltdown: SunEdison Tanks: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 08/06/15 SUNE
  Behind Apple's Correction: Will Power - CNBC, 08/04/15 APPL
  The read on SolarCity: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 07/29/15 SCTY
  Issues that still remain with Twitter: Analyst: Colin Sebastian - CNBC, 07/29/15 TWTR
  Facebook Earnings: Here's what to watch: Rob Oliver - CNBC, 07/29/15 FB
  Another good quarter for Mastercard?: David Koning - CNBC, 07/29/15 MA
  Is it time to invest in US Banks?: Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 07/14/15  
  More good times ahead for Fitbit: Pro: Will Power - CNBC, 07/07/15 FIT
  Tesla jumps on deliveries: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 07/02/15 TSLA
  FB positioned to be a virtual reality leader: Pro: Colin Sebastian - CNBC, 06/11/15 FB
  Batteries and Model X on Track at Tesla: Ben Kallo - Bloomberg, 06/10/15 TSLA
  Tesla: Skepticism a bull's friend?: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 06/08/15 TSLA
  Google's Time to 'Buy' : Colin Sebastian - CNBC, 05/19/15 GOOG
  Own Tesla into X Launch : Ben Kallo - CNBC, 05/06/15 TSLA
  Apple outlook looks 'extremely rosy' : Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 04/30/15 AAPL
  Baird's Spencer on US equities: Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 04/07/15 FDX
   Pro: Tesla my top pick this year: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 03/20/15  TSLA
  Will Apple's Dow debut help stock shine?: Will Power - CNBC, 03/19/15 AAPL
  SLB & HAL, names you want to own: Analyst: Dan Leben - CNBC, 3/17/15 SLB, HAL
  Tesla's new China Strategy: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 3/09/15  TSLA
  HP Needs to Be a Smaller, More Focused Company: Noland: Jayson Noland - Bloomberg, 02/25/15 HPQ
  Analyst's top pick: FSLR: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 2/24/15 FSLR, SPWR
  Apple Pay success solidifies Apple ecosystem: Analyst: Will Power - CNBC, 2/20/15 AAPL
  Tesla to deliver 55K Model S and X cars this year: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 02/11/15 TSLA
  Tesla delivered 9,834 cars in Q4: Ben Kallo - CNBC, 02/11/15 TSLA
  Winning Internet Stocks: Colin Sebastian - CNBC, 02/08/15 TWTR, AMZN, YELP, GOOG, LNKD
  Greece does not have a 'strong hand': Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 02/05/15  
  Video Facebook's big opportunity: Pro: Colin Sebastian - CNBC, 01/29/15  FB
  Can Apple keep cooking?: Will Power - CNBC, 01/15/15 AAPL
  Undercover biotech betL RARE, AMAG & GEVA: Christopher Raymond - CNBC, 01/15/15 RARE, AMAG, GEVA
  How U.S companies deal with oil prices : Patrick Spencer - CNBC, 1/12/15  JPM
  Hyatt best hotel brand play for 2015: Analyst: David Loeb - CNBC, 01/02/15  MAR, HOT, H